POSIFIT S.A.S. is a private company created in 2007. It is one of the founder members of Nancyclotep EIG.

POSIFIT S.A.S is the industrial development operator of NANCYCLOTEP and have a privileged access to university and hospital resources.

In early 2021, POSIFIT became a pharmaceutical company and obtained the GMP certificate for radiopharmaceuticals production destined for use in clinical trials in the Starsbourg location




Posifit établissement pharmaceutique Nancy

Our objectives

Our objective is to become an essential link, in France and in Europe, in imaging and therapy radiopharmaceuticals production.

We provide expertise and infrastructures to the various players, for the radiopharmaceutical development, production as well, monitoring of clinical trials.


Synthesis of [68Ga]Ga-PSMA-11 using the iMiDEV™ microfluidic platform

Par O.Ovdiichuk le 04 Avr 2023

Posifit will be attending the EANM congress in Barcelona

Par A.Duquesne le 23 aout 2022

I am proud to share with you our latest publication, in collaboration with Nancyclotep and PMB.

Par O.Ovdiichuk le 1 février 2022

Since May 2021, Posifit is a pharmaceutical company

Implementation of iMiDEV™, a new fully automated microfluidic platform for radiopharmaceutical production

Par O.Ovdiichuk le 26 avril 2021


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